X4 Group’s CEO, Peter Rabey on the Culture Lab podcast

🎧 A NEW episode of The Culture Lab Podcast has just dropped and the guest is our very own CEO, Peter Rabey.

Tune in to this wide-ranging conversation about scaling through the pandemic, hiring, onboarding, cultivating a healthy culture, and more! You can find the full episode with Aga Bajer on the Culture Lab website or on your favorite app:

Episode Highlights

Here are some of the themes that we explore:

  • How the pandemic forced many businesses to rethink the way they operate and do business – and why it can be a good thing
  • What to focus on when growing rapidly, especially during a pandemic
  • Key considerations for hiring and onboarding remotely
  • Minimizing unconscious bias and making a hiring process more inclusive
  • The importance of culture and creating a Culture Playbook
  • The future of work and which uniquely human skills won’t get automated

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