Taher Khaliq

CTO of Trinny London

How to build a best-in-class tech team: Taher Khaliq, CTO at Trinny London

Taher Khaliq, CTO of Trinny London shares how he has built a best-in-class tech team at the cosmetics brand founded by Trinny Woodall. Taher shares his unique journey, having worked in software development for almost 20 years across multiple markets and sectors ranging from Phycology, Banking and Ecommerce. At Trinny London he spearheads the technology team, being responsible for creating a supportive culture to drive the growth of the business and strategizing for the future.

What you will learn from this episode:·

  • How to scale a tech team in a high growth business
  • Challenges growing a tech function in a high-growth business ·
  • How to align your tech team and tech strategy to the overall business strategy·
  • Biggest learns as a CTO ·
  • Most effective tactics to ensure collaboration with other departments ·
  • How to create a supportive culture ·
  • Biggest piece of advice to tech professionals growing a team ·
  • How to find the balance of working out what’s right for now and in the future ·
  • What’s the biggest difference between a “best-in-class tech team” and a mediocre one? ·
  • Communication strategies – biggest learns

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