Sophie Spaven

ERM Lead at Shell

Leadership learns over the last 12 months: Sophie Spaven at Shell

Sophie is an ERM lead for Shell, supporting over 6,000 technology and engineering professionals as part of the overall Shell technology business.

Her leadership experience has taken her across the world focusing on early stage set up, local market definition, strategic WFP and in territory execution whilst building epic teams and environments. She is a self-confessed Slashy (a mix of Chief of Staff, Head of Operations, Strategic projects and Head of People and Talent) and a firm believer in a business having a joint manifesto: if you promise something to your clients, promise it for your business and staff.

Sophie shares some of the unique ways Shell keeps their employees on the edge of their learning, what it means to be a servant leader, how it’s ok to not know everything and be everything, and the taboo around crying.

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