Louisa Murray

COO of Railsbank

How to get investment ready, acquisitions and hyper growth

Louisa Murray, COO, UK and Europe, of Railsbank, shares her inspiring journey from director of Barclays Capital to entrepreneurial start-up Railsbank. Find out what she has learnt from acquisitions, cultivating culture during hypergrowth, and raising over $70 million in new equity funding.

Railsbank is the pioneer and innovator in the global Banking as a Platform (BaaP) sector, and operates in the UK, Europe, South East Asia, Australia and the US. Louisa spearheads the team in Europe, and has a keen eye for commercial success and ability to nurture culture.

What you can learn from this episode:

  • How to scale effectively and preserve culture during a hypergrowth period
  • How to prepare for a funding round and ways to get “investment ready”
  • Tactics for ensuring company values and beliefs aren’t diluted as an organisation grows
  • Biggest hurdles for early-stage tech start-ups
  • Challenges of scaling at a rapid rate
  • The role of mentors and inspirational leaders

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