Jason Foster

CEO at Cynozure

Leadership learns over the last 12 months: Jason Foster, CEO at Cynozure

Jason is the founder and CEO at Cynozure, a data and analytics strategy company with a mission to create a better future for all through the open and positive use of data. He is co-author of ‘Data Means Business’ and was recently featured in the DataIQ 100 Most Influential People in Data, 2020 and 2021.

From running and implementing the data capability for M&S’s loyalty and membership offering, to founding Cynozure, Jason sheds light on the importance of a clear goal, clear outcome, and alignment of expectation and how he had “a moment of complete clarity about what they needed to do” when the pandemic hit 12 months ago through a set of principles called “Leading through adversity.”

“Being a good human helps me run a successful business.”


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