Alexandra Hussenot

CEO of Immersionn

The importance of a vision and how to attract and retain female talent

Alexandra Hussenot, CEO of the content discovery company Immersionn, shares her experience creating a business in an industry that largely doesn’t exist yet and how vision was key to her success.

As the UK lead for ‘Women in Immersive technologies’ and a member of the UK5G Creative Industries working group, Alexandra is passionate about diversity and shares from great insights into attracting and retaining female talent. Prior to this, Alexandra pursued an international business career at insurance firm, Allianz, managing an £80M global business and previously spent 11 years at Sony Ericson.

Discussions in the episode:

  • The biggest challenges creating a company in an industry that largely doesn’t exist yet
  • Attracting and retaining female talent
  • The transition from global corporations to a start-up environment
  • The importance of vision in business strategy
  • Strategies to energize a fully remote team based across the globe
  • Effective tactics for time management

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